A 90's kid, lover of dogs, exploring new places, diving into immense creativity, taking terrible photography, collecting tacky pens, listening to an onslaught of pop divas, keeping fit and being a sloth.


Born and raised in Perth, Australia with a wealth of Italian background. Youngest of three boys. Currently works in Retail Banking while writing, editing and self publishing. After previously living in Melbourne and London, Dan now resides back in Perth where he will be focusing on his writing, enjoying the laid back lifestyle & spending time with family, friends and innocent dogs that he comes across (when time allows, he's a pretty busy fella.) 


Dan talks about how it all began. From a fleeting dream at 17, to reality at 24.

Coming soon.


What made you want to become a writer?

When I was younger, the idea of a career in the creative arts was never one I pictured at all to be plausible. I didn't grow up in an artistic family, and growing up I wasn't a particularly big reader either. I loathed it up until high school. My first proper novel I read was for year 8 english and it was John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice and Men'. I remember reading it at the beginning and thinking how much of an effort it was, but the more I read the novel, the more intrigued I was for the story. I cried once I finished it because it of the story, and it really took me by surprise how much I enjoyed this novel, and how words on a pages could create some emotions in me, and create such vivid stories. And so a new hobby was found.

At this point, I believe I was wanting to be a Doctor. Mainly because I had a crazy obsession with Grey's Anatomy. Honestly, what 13 year old boy has an obsession with Grey's Anatomy? This guy, apparently. I also went through stages of wanting to be a lawyer, and engineer, a marine biologist and a vet.

It wasn't until I was 16 years old that I wanted to write a story to inspire people my age. Still, having this need, I didn't think I could make a career out of it. But it was my side project for years and years.  Once I finished school, I worked in multiple jobs, attempted to study university, lived in different cities, yet my life still came back to this novel. And since writing, ideas of my next novels have flashed in my head from all different genre's, not just Young Adult. Now, at 24, my number 1 focus is becoming a successful Author. 


Whats next to come?

I'm currently working on a young adult/fantasy trilogy at the moment. Its still in the beginning stages so will most likely be a couple years until the first novel is out to the world.