I'm days away from telling the world about my baby.

Everything is happening! Cue mild freak out of nerves and excitement.

I have copies of my novel, I've ordered bulk copies and waiting for them to arrive. I've already published my novel (which was a slight mishap and wasn't the plan I originally had but thats ok) Its just finalising and polishing little bits, like my website, my marketing and social media.

I've technically sold my first book, too. My best friend wanted to be the first to buy it, so I directed him to the amazon website. Yes, its out to the world. Amazon is probably laughing at my right now because its been released for almost a month and only sold one copy.

This entire process has been one of nerves, love, laughter and excitement. Its cemented that this is what I truly want to do with my life. I am itching to get cracking on book number 2. Before I spill any beans on book number 2, I should probably just get book number 1 out in the world. 

The end is near. I can't believe the end is near. Its been a long, wonderful 7 years.