"On the outside, Cindy, Travis and Mandy seem to have their lives in order. Navigating through their final year at Kadaminy High, none of them have even spoken to each other, despite their five years of school together. On the inside, they’re all at breaking point battling their own demons from toxic masculinity and high society narcissism to mental illness. Their saving grace is a magnificent, cancer-stricken boy named Calvin, a spontaneous adventure and a new-found ability to let go. What they soon find out is nothing ever goes to plan, both for the better and for the worse.

This isn’t a story about a cancer patient. This is a story about how a cancer patient changes the lives of three teens forever."

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It was never my intention to pull a complete Beyonce with my release. IE: dropping the book with no pre order/pre launch details, considering my following count as an Author is limited to my closest friends, family & colleagues. However, self publishing my first novel was a complete learning curve. It was very much a one-step-forward, two-steps-back scenario. Ultimately, my main source of selling my novel worldwide is online. Via amazon, Book depository & kindle. It was not possible for me to click a 'publish' button and my novel would appear on multiple platforms. I wanted my book to show up straight away. Thus, I was forced to publish it on the down low and when I was ready, release it to the world.

I was always going to replicate Beyonce's pregnancy announcement, however it was going to be for a short pre sale time, I guess to get some buzz out of the book. Now that the option was no longer available, I had to go full Beyonce; announce it to the world and release it all at once. Lets hope I can pull this off for the better.

Why so much presence on Beyonce? She is, and always has been, a massive influence on my life. She does everything with such grace, elegance and excellence and is truly at the top of her game. 

A 20 second snap chat scribble turned cover art.



If you're like me, and have a tonne of creativity, but can't quite reach that creativity in all avenues, you got to bring in the big guns. 

I had a vision, I had concepts, I had pieces that I liked, and I knew what I wanted for my cover art. But how do I convey the images bouncing in my head to a professional? With great fucking difficulty, thats how.

But thanks to snapchat, I could whirl my creative finger and give some sort of idea of what I wanted. It gives me great embarrassment to show this masterpiece to you today.


Ok, now that you have recovered from your absolute awe, I would just like to give a big shout out to Bianca Oneill for the wonderful art she created. She listened to me, somehow understood my babble, and turned my scribble into what it is today.

I would also like to note that Bianca did all those dots individually. Old school pen to paper style. She. Did. That. She spent over 40 hours on this entire book jacket. Actually all up its probably more close to 50. The point is, she is amazing and I'm so completely thankful. 

I'm glad I could call on a friend to help me design something so dear to my heart. If you want to see more of Bianca's stipple art, check her out here:


What Inspired you to write this novel?

There were a few reasons.

  1. I wanted a story to tell my younger self, to help me through difficult times that I would've had. I'm sure I would've found that story at some point, but the books I had read were wonderful in their own way, but didn't quite capture what I needed.
  2. I wanted a story of resilience. I wanted multiple characters. I wanted to show the complexity of growing up, having different upbringings and how one person/evening/unexpected event can change your entire life. 
  3. I wanted to portray how volatile life can be, and how not to take it for granted.


What this book based on personal experience?

No, not exactly. At large, it is completely fiction. However, it being my first novel and a novel that I thought of when I was 17, theres definitely aspects of my experiences in life and the people that I have met. Theres also experiences I've been through that I've drawn on. Being gay and coming to terms with my sexuality being the main one.


Why are Mandy's chapters left blank

It's been done intentionally. Why? Well I can't give away all my secrets now.



No. 'On This Night' was only ever written to be on its own.


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